International Chest Day

 Is it Monday yet??

Looking to build some muscle. Or maybe looking for a new work out? Well fit fam i got what you need. I am going to introduce you to one to of the best training workouts to add some mass to the body we are creating. Before i get into these work outs i want to let you guys know before doing these workouts. There’s many things to know especially if you’re a beginner. For beginners you most definitely can do these work out but please be noted, don’t try these with out learning the proper technique or motion. Last thing you want is to hurt yourself and always want to prevent injury at all times. I know your mind is going to tell you fuck it just do it. DON’T. That is how you cause injury and your not going to be happy when you’re still tiny and frail. 2nd Always do a warm upset and always stretch. The warm up set is to activate that muscle group and to tell you body “Hello its that time to wake up and get your sexy on”. i recommend push ups [ 3 sets of 20] 45 second break in between. And if your starting off to your first workout, get to a comfortable weight and be able to rep it out 10-12x. After that is complete you can begin your sets. Last thing i before we get into this workout. Always get an intention or a goal before attacking the weights. Reason to do this is because it sets a goal and drive and to accomplish that goal for that work out. Also always have your protein after every work out. Ill get into this topic in another post but for now i hope you enjoy these work outs and let me know what you think. LETS GET SOME FUCKING GAINS FIT FAM.


   Image result for bench press arnold

BENCH PRESS- 4 Sets 8-10 reps (1 min resting in-between sets)

” On the 4th set go heavy but not heavy where you cant do it but able to get 4-6 reps out of it” p.s always have a spotter when going heavy.

When benching you want to have your arms about shoulder with apart, back flat, and the motion from full extension to the bar coming down to your nipple area then explode back up.

INCLINE BENCH PRESS-  4 Sets 8-10 reps ( 1 min rest in-between)

“Same thing for flat benching arms shoulder width apart, grab that bar make it your bitch, full extension up and down to your chest and explode back up”


” Same form as the others dont think i need to explain this one, just DO IT FIT FAM i believe in you”

DUMBBELL PRESS- 3 Sets 8-10 reps ( 45 seconds rest)

Starting position, Image result for dumbbell press position

end position. ” just be careful that you don’t over extend the motion, listen to your body when it speaks to you and if you don’t know when your body is trying to get your attention, just be aware of what you are feeling. When you are done drop the weights on the floor just be careful you don’t drop it on someone foot. I am guilty of this action.

INCLINE PRESS 3 Sets 8-10 reps

Image result for dumbbell press position

DUMBBELL FLY’S – 3 sets 8 reps

Image result for dumbbell flys form

“In this diagram look at where his ending motion is. Don’t over extend when doing this exercise. It can cause injury so if this is your first time doing it go light and feel the motion before you advance”

PECK DECK machine  – 3 sets 10 reps

” When doing this exercise, when you come to your full extension on this machine hold it for 2 second and repeat process. This is going to give you that pump in the chest your looking for and also i love the feeling”

CABLE MACHINE- 3 Sets 10reps

Image result for cable chest form

” Have the latches on the highest point and begin this work out”

Image result for cable chest form

” this explains the motion and muscle group it is targeting ” for this one hold for  seconds then release”

DIPS- 3 sets until failure

Image result for dip form

This is the complete work out for a massive chest. Ill have more intense chest days for the Fit Fam soon.

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