Wednesday AKA Booty Day

Its All About The Booty Gains

To all the fit Bootyfull ladies out there this is for you. Every Wednesday we go to the gym and get those booty gains and work on some abs and maybe come cardio. We live for that pump in the glutes and legs. It’s about being fit and thick. Here are some booty gains you can try when its your leg day! I know all you ladies want to have a thicker legs, hips, and especially butt. So few things i want to go over. For you beginners super important you get these motions on lock. I had a serious injury by my coccyx. I was doing dumbbell dead lift and i was looking up instead of straight. And i cause a pinch nerve just by looking in the wrong direction while working on the booty. So fit fam please work on your form and motion before engaging in serious weight. Lets get to it fit fam. Time for some BOOTY GAINS! (PS ill have a post of  booty circuits wheres its high intensity)

Image result for woman squats

Take notice ladies its all about doing squats. ” We do squats so the BOOTY dont DROP”

Squats- 4 sets 10 reps

Image result for squat form

When approaching the bar, set yourself get conformable and put that bar on you trap region. Begin to lift the bar off of the rack and you want you stance about shoulder width a part maybe a little wider. As you follow this diagram when you come up from the squat squeeze the glutes.


Leg press- 4 sets 12 reps

Image result for leg press form

When you are coming to the midpoint hold for 2 seconds to activate that burn in the legs. Great for circulating more blood into your legs and build lactic acid. Take 40 second break then get back to it.

Lunges – 3 sets 10 rep each leg

Image result for lunge form

Dumbbell dead lift- 3 sets 10 reps

Image result for dumbbell deadlift form

These two work outs you do together. Its a super-set and it will activate that burn and kick up the intensity. As soon as your done with you lunges get straight to the dead lifts and when you are done take a 30 second break and repeat.

Leg extensions- 4 sets 15 reps

Image result for leg extension

Very simple exercise to engage the quads. take 30 second in-between each set. After the 3rd set don’t take a break do a drop set ( drop the weight 10-25 lbs) and do this until failure.

Hip abductors- 4 sets 12 reps

Image result for hip abductor machine form

Jumping Squats- 4 sets 15 reps

Image result for jump squat form

Combine these to exercise together to for maximum result.

Stair Master- 12 min

Image result for stairmaster work outs

For kick backs you want to do 20 reps for each leg for booty growth

For side steps 45 seconds each side to engage your hips and for growth. You’ll feel the burn doing this and such a great way to end your workout. After killing Hump day make sure you get a nice stretch to help with recovery. Ill post more updates on leg work out and to kick your leg work out to a new level. Stay tuned Fit Fam. Hope this beneficial to all people.

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