Benefits of MCT Oil

What you need to know about MCT Oil:

What exacly is it and what’s the hype about? MCT oil are “Medium Chain Triglycerides” that are more concentrated source of fatty acids.

They’re easy to absorb that they diffuse right into the bloodstream, and they are directly transported into the liver. They naturally convert the oil into ketones for ENERGY. These ketones can travel anywhere in the body including the brain to supply energy. They have a positive effect on your metabolism.

What is about MCT that makes it so unique? What makes them unique in its own way is that MCT are used by the body for energy readily and are not stored as fat in the system. They are great for fighting the harmful bacteria and viruses in the gut, boosting your immune system, and have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

MCT are especially beneficall for idividuals who have a hard time digesting fats like those with malabsorption issues like leaky guy and Crohn’s disease, as MCT are much easier for them to digest.

You can have MCT oil every day, but build up your tolerance to them, so i would recommend starting with small doses until your system gets used to having them to avoid having side effects. Start with 1 teaspoon daily

Ways to use MCT Oil:

Add to you coffee, or add to your salad or even your veggies. You can use it for oil pulling and even smoothies. You can also use the powdered form for protein shakes and homemade baked goods.

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