Lets Fight Mental Depression

Brene Brown said” You cannot selectively numb your emotions, when you numb the painful emotions you also numb the positives ones”

Today i wanted to talk about depression and how it’s going to be the number 1 cause by 2030 for disability, eventually surpassing cancer and heart decease. In this century, we’re overwhelmed with so much information everyday. It seems like the world has gone mad sometimes, but that is the power of the social media. We’re exposed to negative images and things more now than we have been in a life time. For the older generation. They can vouch on this claim. Seeing more negative issues then they have in their earlier days. Between year 2000- now we been exposed to so much and not realizing the impact it has on our daily lives.

Between Instagram and Facebook. We are constantly comparing our lives and happiness to others and what are people doing with their life. This has a huge effect on the human brain because this effects the way we view and feel about our own life, and this may discourage us more than you know. It sad to say that we get artificial high by the number of like on someone page. Yes it may feel good to people because its a satisfying reward knowing that people notice you and like what you are doing. I fall a victim to this also. I am just like every single human in this world, We look for approval, happiness, acceptation, and love.

So what are some of my suggestions to avoid the suspense of social media and the effects that it has on us.

1. When i wake up in the morning, I don’t check my PHONE or Emails! I give my self about 1-2 hours to myself of my own mental space.

2. I grab my notebook and write down 10 things i am grateful for and 1 thing i love about my self. ( i was never a big believe in this method, but i needed change in my life and trying new things never hurt you, and i have to say from my own personal experience im in a overall better mood, my energy is present, and my thoughts become clearer).

3.Set an intention for your day, by doing this it focuses your mind to your goal you have for this day. Help you get more clarity of what needs to be done and minimize the back round noise.

4. Always eat healthy, study shows eating a more fulfilling nutritious food has better result in your cognitive functions.

The way we navigate our inner world – our everyday thoughts, emotions, and self-stories – is the single most important determinant of our life success. It drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, health; everything. For example: Do we let our self-doubts, failings, shame, fear, or anger hold us back? Can we be determined, persevering toward key life goals, but just as importantly, have the insight and courage to recognize when these goals are not serving us, and adapt?

Susan David, Ph.D. a renowned psychologist and expert on emotions, happiness, and achievement, draws on her more than twenty years of research to show that emotionally agile people are not immune to stresses and setbacks. The key difference is they know how to gain critical insight about situations and interactions from their feelings, and use this knowledge to adapt, align their values and actions, and make changes to bring the best of themselves forward.

Emotional agility is a process that enables us to navigate life’s twists and turns with self-acceptance, clear-sightedness, and an open mind. The process isn’t about ignoring difficult emotions and thoughts. It’s about holding those emotions and thoughts loosely, facing them courageously and compassionately, and then moving past them to ignite change in your life.

four key concepts:

  • Showing Up: Instead of ignoring difficult thoughts and emotions or overemphasizing ‘positive thinking’, facing into your thoughts, emotions and behaviors willingly, with curiosity and kindness.
  • Stepping OutDetaching from, and observing your thoughts and emotions to see them for what they are—just thoughts, just emotions. Essentially, learning to see yourself as the chessboard, filled with possibilities, rather than as any one piece on the board, confined to certain preordained moves.
  • Walking Your WhyYour core values provide the compass that keeps you moving in the right direction. Rather than being abstract ideas, these values are the true path to willpower, resilience and effectiveness.
  • Moving OnSmall deliberate tweaks to your mindset, motivation, and habits – in ways that are infused with your values, can make a powerful difference in your life. The idea is to find the balance between challenge and competence, so that you’re neither complacent nor overwhelmed.  You’re excited, enthusiastic, invigorated.

SADHGURU: once said “for a committed man or woman, there is no such thing as failure. If you fall down 100 in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt. If you commit yourself like this to creating what you really care for, your mind gets organized. Once your mind gets organized, your emotions will get organized because the way you think is the way you feel. Once your thoughts and emotions are organized, your Energies and your very body will get organized. Once all these 4 are organized in one direction, your ability to create and manifest what you want is phenomenal. You are the creator in many ways“. But sometimes knowing what direction you want to take in life can be difficult. Sometimes you’ll get inspiration for one thing and focus on it then the fire dies out. To help with this knowing… What you are good at? What Do You Love? What does the world need? and how do i get paid for it? Ask yourself these question and see what you come up with. And if you have thoughts saying “i cant”. Break it down to little pieces, Step by step. Develop a plan for what your intention is. Go out in the world and share your ideas with LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. You’ll be surprise what the world can offer you when you open up.

I can only tell you so much as a writer. I can only tell you about my experiences about life and of course we all have our ups and downs. My life is just getting started and so is yours. No matter what age you are or race or where you are from, once you have that mental shift reality changes. And i think that is one of the beauty’s of life is once you’re aware of your own conscious mind and really get focused on the direction you want in life, the gates will open you. You just need to ask yourself “what do you choose to be”. But at the end of the day we are all human and we are going to live with these emotions until our lives carry on elsewhere. Take some time out and right in your journal. Let you mind unwind and detach itself and by detaching you’re reconnecting. You can evaluate your thoughts and see whats going on inside and this give you insight of what you can be doing different. I truly believe that we live in a beautiful world. With a little push or guidance in the right direction, or for someone reading this right now ingesting my words into their soul recognizing that the words i speak of are true. Don’t ever  in regret or what if. If you were able to go back into time to tell yourself one thing that you would change. What would it be? Many people say they wouldn’t change anything. Well that is great for you but not everyone has the same story as you do. And with the life experience you have now and a new perception in life what would you do to take that moment?

And If you know anyone whose having a hard time in life, you should reach out and let them know you’re there for them. That little impact can have a good outcome for someone.


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